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Debra Srebnik proudly displays her McMaster Award plaque presented by David Maehren and Jo Ann Evans, both previous McMaster Award recipients. Evans is president of Kenmore Heritage Society, sponsor of the event.

Kenmore Heritage Society honors Debra Srebnik with McMaster Heritage Award

Volunteers make a difference in every community. In Kenmore, a special volunteer is selected annually to receive the McMaster Heritage Award in recognition of outstanding volunteerism. The award has been made each year since 2002 by the Kenmore Heritage Society.

The 2019 award honored Debra Srebnik at a special event held at Kenmore Community Club on March 6. Debra has participated in Kenmore’s development since the mid-1990s, first organizing volunteers for the city’s incorporation effort, then serving as a Planning Commissioner working on the city’s first comprehensive plan. She was a founding member of the Friends of Saint Edward State Park and the Kenmore Waterfront Activities Center, co-chaired Kenmore’s Walkways and Waterways bond measure, and worked together with others to create the Kenmore Rowing Club and Waterfront Fair.

She has also worked on behalf of children and youth in our community, serving as Kenmore Elementary PTA’s co-president, and advocating for more nutritious school meals, a later high school start time, and universal screening for elementary advance placement. She is presently serving on the Kenmore City Council. The McMaster Heritage Award is named for John McMaster, who gave Kenmore its name on January 10, 1901. McMaster was an early shingle mill operator in Kenmore

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Jo Ann Evans, March 30, 2018 In 1976, my husband and I were searching for a home roomy enough to hold our restored 1924 theatre pipe organ. We found what we were looking for in Kenmore, just up the hill from the drive-in movie theatre. Can you believe we watched movies—silently with binoculars—from

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David Maehren, March 26, 2018 Let’s look at some recent law-enforcement history through the 37-year career of Deputy Gary Zornes of the King County Sheriff’s Office. Gary’s career began in October, 1980. After graduating from the police academy, he was assigned to the North Precinct in Kenmore, serving unincorporated areas of