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Five McMaster Heritage Award winners gathered at the Kenmore Community Club for the 2018 award ceremony: from left, Kent Sturgis (2014), Stacy Adman (2012), Harrold Thompson (2013) Jo Ann Evans (2007), Annette Eaton (2018), and David Maehren (2009).

The Kenmore Heritage Society has given Annette Eaton, who began six decades of volunteer work soon after graduating from Bothell High School in 1956, its 17th McMaster Heritage Award for extraordinary public service. The award ceremony took place before a packed house at the Kenmore Community Club on Thursday, Feb. 7

A beloved and widely known community leader, Annette over the years coached youth soccer and baseball, volunteered in various capacities at Arrowhead Elementary School, helped build a playground structure at the school, spent many hours workig with the PTA at Arrowhead and Inglemoor High School, organized the Northshore School District’s first newspaper; helped with school picnics, carnivals, field trips, and music competitions; helped with countless Campfire Girl events; was active in the Bothell High School Alumni Association; helped revitalize the Kenmore Community Club and earn recognition for it as historic place  … read more

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LOOKING BACK Helping make a difference

Jo Ann Evans, March 30, 2018 In 1976, my husband and I were searching for a home roomy enough to hold our restored 1924 theatre pipe organ. We found what we were looking for in Kenmore, just up the hill from the drive-in movie theatre. Can you believe we watched movies—silently with binoculars—from

COMING OF AGE My dad, the Hotcake King

Gary Jang, March 26, 2018 Henry Jang, my dad, traveled by boat from China to the United States in 1925. We don’t know the circumstances, but we do know he was sponsored by a Chinese man in South Dakota. Dad’s name was Zhang, a common name in China. Entering the states, men

PUBLIC SAFETY Thank you, Deputy Zornes

David Maehren, March 26, 2018 Let’s look at some recent law-enforcement history through the 37-year career of Deputy Gary Zornes of the King County Sheriff’s Office. Gary’s career began in October, 1980. After graduating from the police academy, he was assigned to the North Precinct in Kenmore, serving unincorporated areas of

PRESERVATION Vision of the Lodge at St. Edward

Kevin Daniels, March 22, 2018 First, we want you to know that Daniels Real Estate will host a design meeting in the spring at the Saint Edward Seminary building. Community members will be introduced to the project team working on the historic redevelopment of the seminary as the Lodge at St.

FASHION & FAMILIES Our clothing tells a story

Char Crawford, March 14, 2018 I love families, especially my own, and I love fashions. That’s why I’m thrilled to start writing a monthly blog that will deal with both subjects. I’ve discovered that honoring fashions of the past is not only fun and fascinating, but also fosters understanding of our