“Since its founding in 1998, the Kenmore Heritage Society has produced a wide assortment of public programs exploring the history of the city and surrounding region. Among the topics covered:”


Previous Programs

  • Walkways and Waterways bond issue, by City of Kenmore
  • History of Kenmore Community Club, by Les “Bud” and Annette Eaton
  • History of Kenmore Fire Department, by David Maehren
  • Story of Kenmore’s first school, by Terri Malinowski and Kevin Stadler
  • Story of Kenmore’s city flag, by LeRoy Anenson and Les “Bud” Eaton
  • How to do book binding and repair, by Dave Richardson
  • History of Kenmore Air, by Greg Munro
  • History of Kenmore Camera, by Jim Donovan
  • Story of Lakewood Villa Sanitarium, Ron Gehrke
  • History of Murphy’s Auction, by Bob Hensel
  • History of Plywood Supply, by Don Swanson
  • Story of Schnitzelbank Restaurant, Ursula Paar
  • History of Kenmore’s restaurants and roadhouses, by Annette Eaton and Gary Jang
  • The plan for St. Edward Seminary restoration, by Kevin Daniels
  • Story of the Steamboat fleet, by Alan Stein
  • The story of the Steamer Virginia V, by Heron Scott
  • Memories of Pearl Harbor from a boy’s perspective, by Russ Evans
  • Pearl Harbor: A different view, by Bill High
  • Lake City Pioneer Days Past, Imogene Inglet
  • Book-It Theatre, 4 Culture
  • The Future Remembered, Seattle World’s Fair, Paula Becker, Alan Stein