1864    Puget Mill Company purchases 108 acres of timberland at the future site of Kenmore

1871    Philo Remington purchases 198.5 acres of timberland at future site of Kenmore for $248.12

1876    Watson Squire purchases 198 acres in what is now central Kenmore from his father-in-law

1884    The forty-foot Squak begins service on Lake Washington and the Sammamish Slough

1887    Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern Railroad tracks completed as far as Bothell

1889    John McMaster moves from Kenmore, Ontario, to Seattle to learn the new shingle machine process at a Seattle mill

1892    Watson C. Squire plats Northlake Terrace

1901    John McMaster opens a shingle mill on January 1; names Kenmore after his hometown January 10

1903    Kenmore School District established; school held in a mill shack

1913    Brick road from Lake Forest Park through Kenmore to Bothell is completed; Casey Bannister becomes driver for the Bothell Auto Stage

1916    Lake Washington Ship Canal and Chittenden Locks are opened; results in lowering of the Lake Washington water level by nearly nine feet

1917    First bridge across the Sammamish Slough at Kenmore at 68th Avenue is built

1921    Inglewood Golf and Country Club opens

1924    Inglewood Golf and Country Club burns; rebuilt in 1925

1925    Kenmore has about 150 people; Kenmore Community Club is organized

1928    McMaster


1930    Kenmore Community Club finishes new clubhouse

1931    Construction of St. Edward’s Seminary begins

1936    Wooden water tank holding 20,000 gallons is built on the Northlake hill

1938    Two-lane bridge crossing Sammamish River on 68th Avenue replaces 1917 wooden span

1942    Kenmore Volunteer Fire Department organized

1946    Bob Munro establishes Kenmore Air Harbor in a former swamp beside the lake

1947    Water District 79 is organized

1953    Plywood Supply is established by Ralph Swanson

1954    Kenmore voters defeat an incorporation proposal

1958    Kenmore Library opens in remodeled barn

1970    Parallel bridge across the Sammamish River on 68th Avenue opens to offer four-lane crossing

1974    Alyeska Pipeline Service Company begins barging materials to Alaska from Kenmore


1976    Kenmore Library moves to modular building on 73rd Avenue NE

1978    Burke-Gilman Trail opens: Saint Edward State Park opens

1980    Official Kenmore community flag is dedicated

1995    Kenmore Incorporation Committee is formed

1996    Bastyr University moves to St. Thomas Seminary site

1997    Measure for Kenmore incorporation passes with a 71 percent “yes” vote

1998    The City of Kenmore is incorporated and officially becomes a city on August 31

1998    Kenmore Heritage Society is established

2001    Kenmore Founders Day is observed January 10 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the naming of Kenmore by John McMaster