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Walking Tour of Downtown Kenmore was Huge Success

The August 17 “Guided Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Kenmore” was attended by 33 interested walkers. Each person was given an illustrated walking map complete with a brief history of the places to be visited. Narrated by guide Bob Otto, the walk began at Kenmore Community Club where a KCC member shared the history of the landmark building constructed in 1930. The group then crossed busy Bothell Way NE, stopping briefly at the Schnitzelbank building to learn about the Poessinger family’s German-style restaurant that occupied the building from 1961 to 1994.

A stroll past the mural painted on the side of the St. Vincent DePaul building by Staci Adman and Gaul Culley in 2017 gave walkers a rare chance to view up close the multitude of historic scenes. The group continued past the old fire station built in 1977 and stopped across from the snazzy new station completed and dedicated in 2011, where Bob shared information about our fire district and its history. Next stop was Kenmore City Hall, which was closed on Saturday. The group enjoyed hearing about the various locations our City government occupied before our beautiful City Hall was completed and dedicated in 2010—a small office in the strip mall located across from our present library, then several years in what is now our post office, followed by a brief stint on the upper floor of the Schnitzelbank Building.

After crossing the street to The Hangar grounds, walkers enjoyed hearing about the evolution of what has become our city center. Besides The Hangar and Seaplane Kitchen Restaurant, the area includes historic Kenmore Camera, which opened for business in 1974 and has become a major Seattle area camera retailer, our U.S. Post Office, and our beautiful Kenmore Library, a branch of King County Library System. Folks were given the chance to share interesting historic stories about family, properties, and businesses, adding to the day. The walk ended on a happy and upbeat note, with many folks asking about future events. Walking tour maps are available free of charge at Kenmore City Hall for anyone wishing to do a self-guided walk.

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