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KHS is inviting community members to help us document ever-changing Kenmore. Using our website categories “Kenmore History” and “History Now” as a guide, photographers of any age and ability can take photos, interview citizens for relevant information about the photo subject, and submit the photos through the KHS website.
KHS will review the photo and associated documentation for photo quality and documentation completeness. Approved photos will result in a $25 payment to the photographer. General photo categories include those identified below.
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Photo Categories and Required Documentation:

Before you get started, check this website for pictures based on categories such as NeighborhoodsCommunity Life and Public Services. These photos from the past can serve as inspiration.

We are particularly interested in all of the details surrounding and identifying your photos – giving this activity a photo journalism component.  Have fun … we are excited to see your work!


  • Date of Photo
  • Name of Person (Examples: City Official, Business Owner, First Responder, Volunteer, Artist)
  • Significance to Kenmore, for instance the person’s job or role in Community
  • Something unique or interesting about the person or role


  • Date of Photo
  • Name of Place (Examples: Theorem Cannabis, Kenmore Skate Park, Kenmore Boathouse)
  • Significance to Kenmore, for instance description of what happens at the place, what’s sold there, or service provided
  • Something unique or interesting about the place


  • Date of Photo
  • Name of Thing (Examples: “Cat Whisker Road” street sign, Kenmore Mural, Big Blue Chair at Hangar)
  • Significance to Kenmore
  • Something unique or interesting about the thing

Then & Now

  • Date of Photo
  • Picture of “Then” image from KHS website, Picture of “Now” image
  • Significance to Kenmore
  • Something unique or interesting about the thing

The Kenmore Heritage Society…

How much do you really know about Kenmore? You may have learned its history through books, or stories shared at family gatherings, but we bet they left out some of the more interesting and colorful history of Kenmore’s past. From the Meanderers, who 200 years ago lived along the waterway we now call the Sammamish Slough, to the famous author who was a patient at Kenmore’s Lakewood Villa Sanitarium, and the 1920’s nudist colony within swimming distance of the Kenmore beach at the north end of Lake Washington, these are the stories about Kenmore’s history we would like to share with you.

Digital Collections

Explore Kenmore’s history through story, photos, and first-hand accounts of the people, places, and businesses of our community. Browse and enjoy an immersive look at what made this city what it is today.

Digital Collections


From the earliest inhabitants of this land, to the pioneers who shaped the buildings and institutions that make up Kenmore. Take a scroll through the many important events, people, and developments of Kenmore history.

View Timeline

History Path

The Kenmore History Path at Logboom Park was envisioned as a way to tell the Kenmore story to the public. Installed in 2008, its eleven interpretive signs present our history in a fascinating and concise visual manner.

History Path


Photos, documents, and links to local archives tell the story of life in Kenmore and the Pacific Northwest. Every entry sheds new light on the past, and helps us better anticipate the future.

Explore Resources

We're Making History Now!

Since its founding in 1998, the Kenmore Heritage Society has produced a wide assortment of public programs exploring the history and culture of the city and surrounding region. Check out what we have planned for this year.

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“I volunteered at the Heritage Society’s PopUp Museum at the Hanger. It was fun to see the items folks brought from home, and the stories they had to share.” – Sue K