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The Eagle Inn at 76th Avenue NE and Bothell Way (in this 1957 photo) began life as Mammy’s Shack in the early 1930s and was a popular roadhouse for four decades. In later years, it was called the Porterhouse Eagle Inn and then simply the Porterhouse Inn.

Photo courtesy of Washington State Archives, Puget Sound Regional Branch.


  • Star Lynn Dykstra says:

    I was am amazed after all these years to see a picture of the Eagle Inn in Kenmore, My grandfather, Frederick Strang operated that restaurant until his death. I am sorry I cannot state the exact years but it was from the early 50’s until the 60’s.

    • Larry Barton says:

      My name is Larry Barton and I was busboy working there from late 1960 to 1962. For whatever reason I was thinking about my time there and was telling my wife about what fun it was later in the night with Edie playing the organ and ‘Pop’ banging away on the bongos.
      It was bottle club and we served “set ups”of mixers and ice.
      It would get a little crazy as the evenings progressed.
      Great memories!

      • SuzanneG says:

        Hi Larry – thanks for sharing your memory! Do you have any photos from your experiences at the Eagle Inn? Would you like to write up a short piece about your experiences for our Newsletter and website? We’d love to capture your experiences!

        Suzanne Greathouse
        President, Kenmore Heritage Society

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