McMaster Heritage & Emerging Leader Awards

The Kenmore Heritage Society honors local citizens who through selfless giving of time and talent have had a significant positive influence on the Kenmore community.

The award bears the name of John McMaster, an early businessman and resident who named the area Kenmore in 1901.

Two awards are presented each year:

  • Since 2001, the McMaster Heritage Award has recognized an outstanding adult nominee.
  • Since 2021, the McMaster Emerging Leader Award has recognized a young adult, age 16 to 23.

The Kenmore Heritage Society encourages local service clubs, PTAs, businesses, organizations, and private individuals to submit nominations for this community-centered award. Do you have a worthy candidate for the Kenmore Heritage Society to consider? If so, here’s how to nominate:

  1. Nominations are accepted from October 1st through December 31.
  2. Please read the Guidelines for selection of McMaster Heritage Award nominees.
  3. Access and submit the nomination form from this page.

View Nomination Guidelines

Guidelines for Selection of Nominees

  • The recipients shall be living persons whose contributions to the Kenmore community through volunteerism, leadership and/or actions have made a significant positive difference to the Kenmore community. Nominees for the Emerging Leader Award must be age 23 or under.
  • The awards shall be presented at a special event during March.
  • Nominations for the awards shall begin in October. Nominations from the public, from local service organizations, churches, PTAs and from other groups are invited.
  • Current KHS Board members are not eligible for these awards.
  • Completed nomination forms must be submitted to the Kenmore Heritage Society Board of Trustees by Dec 31.
  • Research may be necessary to obtain additional information regarding the achievements and qualifications of nominees.
  • All nominations will be evaluated by the Kenmore Heritage Society Board of Trustees. Final selection will be by majority vote of the Board and will be based solely upon qualifications of the nominee, regardless of the number of nominations received by other nominees.
  • The selected recipients shall be officially notified by letter.
  • The Kenmore Heritage Society Board of Trustees will select a person or persons to make the official presentation of the award.

Previous McMaster Award Honorees

  • 2002 – Ralph Swanson
  • 2003 – LeRoy Anenson
  • 2004 – Richard Ramsey
  • 2005 – Tom Traeger
  • 2006 – Roland Lindstrom
  • 2007 – Jo Ann Evans
  • 2008 – Priscilla Droge
  • 2009 – David Maehren
  • 2010 – Richard Taylor
  • 2011 – L. G. “Bud” Eaton
  • 2012 – Staci Adman
  • 2013 – Harrold Thompson
  • 2014 – Kent Sturgis
  • 2015 – Daniel K. Church
  • 2016 – Ron Gehrke
  • 2017 – Sara Hayashi
  • 2018 – Annette Eaton
  • 2019 – Debra Srebnik
  • 2020 – Brent Smith
  • 2021 – William “Bill” Leak
  • 2022 – Stacey Denuski
  • 2023 – Derek Wyckoff

Previous Emerging Leader Award Honorees

  • 2021 – Nathan Loutsis
  • 2022 – Sofia Leotta
  • 2023 – Pinyu Laio

Kenmore Heritage Society
Documentary Photography Scholarship

About the Scholarship 

The Kenmore Heritage Society promotes the theme of “History Now.” The Documentary Photography Scholarship is a first step for empowering a new generation to study history as a way to understand the present and guide us toward a more informed, inspired, and inclusive future.

Martin Luther King Jr. encouraged people to “Do small things in a great way.”

This prompt is intended to encourage personal involvement in social issues and promote socially conscious documentary photography.

Who: Open to all High School Students Northshore School District.

What: One entrant will win $1000.

When: Entries are accepted any time during the school year.

Kenmore Heritage Society
Classroom and Community Grant

About the Grant

The Kenmore Heritage Society promotes the theme of “History Now.” The Classroom and Community Grant is a step toward empowering a new generation to study History as a way to understand the present and guide us toward a more informed, inspired, and inclusive future.

Who:   Those involved in educational activities with Elementary and Middle School students in the Northshore School District.

What: One teacher or community leader will win $500

When: Applications are due by November 1, 2021.
The winner will be announced December 13, 2021.