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The CalPortland asphalt/concrete plant has been a landmark on the Kenmore industrial waterfront since the early 1970’s. For decades the asphalt/concrete business has supplied asphalt/concrete materials for paving and building projects throughout the north King County region. Being strategically located on the Lake Washington waterfront has allowed a relatively inexpensive barge method of delivery of aggregates to the ready mix yard.

The artist selected this painting location along the Burke Gilman Trail to capture the interesting industrial architecture of the concrete plant. He found the industrial architecture and structural design to be an interesting contrast to the surrounding natural beauty of the Lake Washington waterfront.

Peter Bentley is an artist that lives in nearby Lake City. He enjoys painting landscapes, urban landscapes and cityscapes.

Photo taken by: Jim Howard, Fall 2023

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Jim- thank you for doing this for and with the Heritage Society. I’d love it if you could expand the write up to include the work PERK and other community members did to “encourage” the powers that be to upgrade their testing emissions for dangerous pollution. There is a “rest of the story.” Thank you. Happy New Year. I’m grateful to be working with you. Elizabeth

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