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Log Boom Park

“Take a Walk Outdoors Day”

Celebrated January 20th

Take a Walk Outdoors Day falls on January 20, and it’s a day to step outside for a walk alone or with a friend. Walking comes with heap of health benefits, and taking a walk outdoors is always more fun than doing it on a treadmill. Walking in the fresh air lets your body absorb Vitamin D which is good for your bones and muscle growth. For best results, try an early morning walk because at this time the sun generates the strongest Vitamin D, and 75% of adults don’t get enough of it, especially in the Northwest.

The Romans are credited with establishing one mile as measured by a thousand military steps. Walking clubs and race walks became popular in the late 1800s, with Germany claiming the oldest surviving walking club, Black Forest Wanderverein, dating from 1864. Racewalking became an official sport in the London Olympics of 1904, and still is today. These days, you may hear someone say, “I’m working on my 10,000 steps.”

But walking doesn’t have to be competitive. It can be social, singular, or even meditative. Just walking around the block has the added benefit of waving to a neighbor you don’t see very often. If you have a daily activity, like morning coffee, using your earbuds for music or catching up with the headlines, or an evening hot cocoa, try it with a bit of walking. This way, you don’t have to find an extra slot in your busy schedule for a bit of exercise.

Besides your own neighborhood, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy walking in and around Kenmore. With 8 city-owned parks, St. Edward State Park, and a smattering of neighborhood pocket parks, there are over 400 acres of forests, gardens, playgrounds, and shoreline to choose from; plus the Burke-Gilman Trail that runs right through the heart of the city. How is this for a New Year’s resolution: “During 2024, starting with Take a Walk Outdoors Day, visit each of Kenmore’s parks at least once.” And, keep on walking!

Check out Kenmore’s Parks

The City of Kenmore maintains 8 parks and over 93 acres of parkland. Each of these unique parks provides an array of amenities; from waterfront access and activities, to skateparks and playgrounds, to boardwalks and unique works of art.

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