KHS is inviting community members to help us document ever-changing Kenmore. Using our website categories “Kenmore History” and “History Now” as a guide, photographers of any age and ability can take photos, interview citizens for relevant information about the photo subject, and submit the photos through the KHS website.
KHS will review the photo and associated documentation for photo quality and documentation completeness. Approved photos will result in a $25 payment to the photographer. General photo categories include those identified below.

Photo Categories and Required Documentation:

Before you get started, check this website for pictures based on categories such as Neighborhoods, Community Life and Public Services. These photos from the past can serve as inspiration.

We are particularly interested in all of the details surrounding and identifying your photos – giving this activity a photo journalism component.  Have fun … we are excited to see your work!


  • Date of Photo
  • Name of Person (Examples: City Official, Business Owner, First Responder, Volunteer, Artist)
  • Significance to Kenmore, for instance the person’s job or role in Community
  • Something unique or interesting about the person or role


  • Date of Photo
  • Name of Place (Examples: Theorem Cannabis, Kenmore Skate Park, Kenmore Boathouse)
  • Significance to Kenmore, for instance description of what happens at the place, what’s sold there, or service provided
  • Something unique or interesting about the place


  • Date of Photo
  • Name of Thing (Examples: “Cat Whisker Road” street sign, Kenmore Mural, Big Blue Chair at Hangar)
  • Significance to Kenmore
  • Something unique or interesting about the thing

Then & Now

  • Date of Photo
  • Picture of “Then” image from KHS website, Picture of “Now” image (Example below of Kenmore Camera owner/store)
  • Significance to Kenmore
  • Something unique or interesting about the thing
Example: People
  • Date of Photo – 2019
  • Name of Person – Elizabeth Lepine
  • Significance to Kenmore – Pop Up Storywalk Co-founder
  • Something unique or interesting about the person or rolePopUp StoryWalk is a local program promoting literacy, health, and art appreciation using deconstructed children’s storybooks installed in outdoor community spaces. Begin a children’s story at the start of a trail, read posted pages along the way, and end the trial as you end the book. Elisabeth co-founded Pop-Up Story Walk in 2017.
Example: Place
  • Date of Photo – 2017
  • Name of Place – Kenmore Hanger
  • Significance to Kenmore -Mission: To provide a local place where the Kenmore community and visitors can meet, sip coffee, celebrate, perform or hang out, free-of-charge.
  • Something unique or interesting about the place – Designed to accommodate community gatherings and shared use, the Hangar features a double-sided fireplace and eclectic array of comfortable furniture creating a warm and intimate space to read, work on homework, meet with friends, or simply hang out. It has a giant garage style window/door that opens out to a patio.
    Spaces in the Hangar, the Otter Room and the Beaver Room,are available for reservations, free-of-charge.
Example: Thing
  • Date of Photo – 2018
  • Name of Place – Water Tower at Bastyr University
  • Significance to Kenmore – Namesake of a Saint Edward state Park South Ridge Trail/Water Tower Trail combination (1.1 miles)—which skirts the Bastyr campus and connects with Lake Washington.
  • Something unique or interesting about the place – The Seattle Catholic Archdiocese purchased the property that is now Saint Edward State Park to build a seminary for the Sulpician Order. The area had been logged in the 19th century and again in the 1920s. The seminary was completed in 1931 and named for Edward the Confessor, king of England in the 11th Century. The seminary closed in 1977, and the Archdiocese sold 316 acres to the state of Washington for use as a park. The park opened in 1978. Subsequently the Archdiocese sold the remaining acreage to Bastyr University, which is surrounded by the Park’s grounds. In 2007 the seminary was placed on the National Historic Register.
Example: Then and Now
  • Date of Photos – 1974 and 2021
  • Name of Place – Kenmore Camera’s first store and current location 6708 NE 181st St
  • Significance to Kenmore – Family owned and operated since 1974, Kenmore Camera has grown to become the Northwest leader in photographic equipment and accessories.
  • Something unique or interesting about the place – The owner Jim Donovan has been working behind the counter since 1974. Kenmore Camera has hosted free pictures with Santa Claus as part of the City of Kenmore holiday celebrations.