Buddha Bruddah Address: 6016 NE Bothell Way Ste J, Kenmore, WA 98028

Kenmore Trivia!

Learn a little along the way … if you can remember the trivia answers until the end of the hunt, you’ll have a chance to earn an additional contest entry.

What year did Kenmore become a city?


A. 1957

B. 1998

C. 1986

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Asian mixed plate is our version of the traditional Hawaiian plate lunch. We serve a variety of Asian favorites like Phad Thai, Garlic Shrimp, Sweet and Spicy Pork, Short Ribs, Hawaiian Grilled Beef, and of course the staples like Jasmine Rice, Mac Salad and Asian Slaw

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“I grew up eating mixed plates before I knew it had a name. Our holidays were always a mix of various foods and flavors. Thanksgiving, for example, would be a table full of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, fish curries, satays, steamed jasmine rice, noodles and always plenty of hot Thai chili sauces.” Marky

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How to earn prize entries:

  1. Keep following the clues. You will receive 1-entry when you complete the scavenger hunt.
  2. Take a selfie at the location and tag the selfie with #khspotofgold or #buddhabruddahhunt. You will receive 1-entry for each selfie post.
  3. Make a purchase from the location. You will receive 2-entries for each $5 spent. Upload receipt photo at the end of the hunt.

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QR Codes for IOS/Apple Devices:

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