Stoup Brewery Address: 6704 NE 181st St, Kenmore, WA 98028

Kenmore Trivia!

Learn a little along the way … if you can remember the trivia answers until the end of the hunt, you’ll have a chance to earn an additional contest entry.

The Kenmore Park known as Squire’s Landing was recently renamed to  Tl’awh-ah-dees. What does the new name mean?

A. “a place of many people talking”

B. “a place where something grows or sprouts”

C. “the bark of a seal”

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BEER in Here!

Jason Stoneburner is the chef/co-owner of Stoup Brewing Kenmore. He brings his famous every-piece-is-a-corner-piece pizza slices to join forces with Stoup’s brews to transform the traditional brewery experience into satisfaction on every level. Stoneburner is dedicated to procuring products from small farms and thoughtfully sourcing ingredients. He is a proud supporter of the Special Olympics, Seattle Children’s Hospital, FareStart, and charities that encourage sustainable farming and agriculture. In his free time, Jason can be found somewhere along the West Coast surfing or snowboarding.

How to earn prize entries:

  1. Keep following the clues. You will receive 1-entry when you complete the scavenger hunt.
  2. Take a selfie at the location and tag the selfie with #khspotofgold or #stouphunt.
    You will receive 1-entry for each selfie post.
  3. Make a purchase from the location. You will receive 2-entries for each $5 spent. Upload receipt photo at the end of the hunt.

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