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Log Cabin with Extension

Ida’s 1950’s Kenmore Farm

Ida Harrington (Stewart) has called Kenmore home for over 70 years. In 1960 she moved to Kenmore with her parents Bruce and Mary Jane, brothers Donald, Gordon (Corky), Paul and sister Donna Lee, and lived on a 3-acre farm near NE 204th Street between 60th Ave NE and 61st Ave. NE. Her family raised vegetables, rabbits, chickens and a few pigs on the property. Their original home consisted of a one room log cabin with wood floors, wood stove for heat, well water, no indoor plumbing, and an outhouse.  Baths were taken at their grandparent’s house in Seattle. Her dad held several jobs once working for a salvage company that salvaged houses displaced by the 1956 right-of-way clearing for the new I-5 freeway. Her father was able to bring home enough lumber to add an extension room to their original log cabin as shown in photo, left. He also worked for Graystone Concrete in Ballard. 

School Years

While growing up she attended school at the Bothell Elementary schoolhouse (1949-1950), Anderson Junior High (1951-1953), and Bothell High School (1954-1957). She participated in the high school band and played French horn and graduated in 1957.  She attended school for half days her senior year, and therefore rode the public bus home along Bothell Way then walked up the two-lane Cat Whiskers Road and 60th Ave NE to get home. 

First Female Bus Driver for NSD

Ida married Glenn Harrington in 1956 while still in high school and soon after they moved to their Kenmore home located on NE 196th Street near 64th Ave NE. In this home they raised their 3 children Glenda, Rose and Jim. During this time Glenn started his job as a Boeing Machinist and Ida began working as a school bus driver for the Northshore School District. She was one of the first female bus drivers hired by the school district and retired after 30 years in 1992. She received 28 safe driver awards during her time working as a school district bus driver.



After retirement, Ida and Glen moved to a new home located near 61st Ave NE and NE 200th Street. In retirement they enjoyed traveling together in their Airstream trailer, RV motor home and motorcycles, visiting Canada, Mexico and nearly every state in the country. Ida still enjoys traveling with her family, watching her grandniece’s sporting events and her church family at Cedar Park Northshore Church.

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