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Shining Starts in Kenmore

Each year since 2001, Kenmore Heritage Society’s annual “McMaster Awards” recognize individuals who have made outstanding volunteer contributions to the Kenmore community. The awards are named after John McMaster, a pioneer Kenmore businessman and entrepreneur who gave Kenmore its name in 1901.

The “McMaster Heritage Award” is given to an adult whose commitment and creativity have made a positive impact on living in our fair city.

In 2021, KHS introduced the “McMaster Emerging Leader Award” to commend the contributions of a local youth or young adult.

Nominees are submitted by community members. Due to COVID restrictions, KHS was unable to hold a public event last year, so the 2023 ceremony celebrated recipients for both 2022 and 2023.

The group photo above includes current and past winners.

2022 McMaster Heritage Award Winner Stacey Denuski

“Stacey Denuski joined First Lady Michelle Obama and representatives from the National League of Cities (NLC) and several federal agencies at the White House on Sept. 16 2015 for a celebratory event honoring the achievements made by local elected officials participating in the Let’s Move!Cities, Towns and Counties (LMCTC) initiative.”

2022 Emerging Leader Award Winner Sofia Leotta

“Sofia Leotta is a shining example of someone who cares about her community and the world around her. Because she embodies the values and accomplishments of a McMaster award winner, I wholeheartedly nominate her for the youth category of this award.”

2023 McMaster Heritage Award Winner Derek Wyckoff

“Derek embraces the community—going from 192 square feet of brewing space at home to choosing a spot on the Burke Gilman Trail, he helped put Kenmore on the craft brewing map by teaming up with other brewing businesses. The Brew Row banners say it all. Thanks for being a steadfast Kenmore partner and supporter, Derek!”

Emerging Leader Award Winner Pinyu Liao

“Among more than 1,000 submissions, Pinyu Liao’s work stood out.
She’s a rising senior at Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, and this summer she became one of two teens across the globe selected to showcase her video project at the World Health Organization’s annual film festival.”


Nominations are accepted from October 1st through December 31.

Guidelines for Selection of Nominees

  • The recipients shall be living persons whose contributions to the Kenmore community through volunteerism, leadership and/or actions have made a significant positive difference to the Kenmore community. Nominees for the Emerging Leader Award must be age 23 or under.
  • The awards shall be presented at a special event during March.
  • Nominations for the awards shall begin in October. Nominations from the public, from local service organizations, churches, PTAs and from other groups are invited.
  • Current KHS Board members are not eligible for these awards.
  • Completed nomination forms must be submitted to the Kenmore Heritage Society Board of Trustees by Dec 31.
  • Research may be necessary to obtain additional information regarding the achievements and qualifications of nominees.
  • All nominations will be evaluated by the Kenmore Heritage Society Board of Trustees. Final selection will be by majority vote of the Board and will be based solely upon qualifications of the nominee, regardless of the number of nominations received by other nominees.
  • The selected recipients shall be officially notified by letter.
  • The Kenmore Heritage Society Board of Trustees will select a person or persons to make the official presentation of the award.

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