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Kenmore Women
June 5, 2022

Meet Textile Artist Laurie Williams

Barbie and Beyond Laurie Williams is a textile artist who has lived in Kenmore for more than 35 years. The Kenmore Heritage Society had the opportunity to meet with her and hear about some of her work and her inspirations. In addition to a BS in Fisheries, a career in…
Kenmore Women
May 31, 2022

Meet Tulalip Artist Huggz Moses

A Source of Peace Born in Everett, Washington, Huggz Moses found herself in foster care at age 5. Without her mother and father at home, she felt alone and often acted out because of the mental trauma. She had always loved to color, but eventually that wasn’t enough. One day…
Kenmore Women
May 7, 2022

Children’s Historical Fiction: Something for Everyone Kenmore Heritage Society had the opportunity to get acquainted with Kirby Larson, an acclaimed author and longtime resident of Kenmore. Kirby Larson is best known for her characters and contexts in historical fiction for children and young adults. Hattie Big Sky is the story…