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Meet Elisabeth! 

Elisabeth Lepine is an educator with a genuine interest in students’ cognitive and social growth. She is the Arts of Kenmore VP, a Girls on the Run coach and an active member of Kenmore Elementary’s PTA, especially on the Racial and Educational Justice committee. She is a hugger, a conversationalist, and biscuit & banana bread baker. Since moving to the Eastside of Seattle from NYC with her husband and 2 girls, she has discovered a new talent of keeping plants alive and running in any kind of weather.

What motivates you to do what you do? 

Elisabeth, Jasmin and Beth – the PopUp Storywalk Team


Human connection. I need to feel connected. I need to feel a part of something greater than myself–a community. My self-actualization and evolution is directly relative to my interaction with others. I thrive and grow when I am challenged or stretched emotionally or intellectually.

PopUp StoryWalk is a local program promoting literacy, health, and art appreciation using deconstructed children’s storybooks installed in outdoor community spaces. Begin a children’s story at the start of a trail, read posted pages along the way, and end the trial as you end the book. Elisabeth co-founded Pop-Up Story Walk in 2017.

Where does your passion come from? 

My passion was ignited in a classroom: an English teacher in high school taught me to examine the human condition studying classical literature. Ask why. Question motive. Reveal truth. Uncover self.

I loved teaching English and Humanities to my high school students–challenging them to ask these same questions that ignited my own passion.

Classrooms should be safe spaces for all, where critical thought can be cultivated, passions unlocked, curiosity encouraged, and self-identity explored.

I envision a better world for our youth, a world that embraces equity, creates space for healing and encourages self-discovery–none of this can be realized if we don’t listen to the stories of others, hear their truths, struggles and share in their joy.

What and whom do you love best? 

I love my tribe of women. Women who embolden other women. Women are survivors, we are warriors, we are compassion, we are strength. I love being in a space with supportive women who uplift, listen, share and empower.

What do you spend most of your time doing? 


Educating, cuddling and empowering my kiddos. AND….cleaning (especially during COVID–since all of us Lepine bodies are at home).

When are you most fully yourself? When do you come alive?


Being Outdoors

Belly Laughing

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