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National STEM Day is November 8, which celebrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM, education throughout the United States. More recently, the Arts have been recognized as another vital component, so the acronym STEAM is also frequently used.

The purpose of National STEM Day is to encourage youth interest and engagement in STEM subjects, especially among girls and minorities. Historically, women and minorities have not been as well-represented in the STEM fields. Therefore, educational institutions, STEM organizations, and businesses make a concerted effort to support these groups to thrive in the STEM areas.

It’s well agreed that automation will continue to play a major role in shaping our lives, especially in the job market. Some predictions include that trucks will all drive themselves, store checkouts will be staff-free, and many common jobs today will no longer exist. However, the need for jobs in STEM fields will continue to grow and adapt, so promoting these subjects is crucial to having a healthy workforce moving into the future.

Serving Kenmore students, the Northshore School District (NSD) is committed to STEM education. NSD strives to increase both the number and the diversity of students who:

  • Have ready access to STEM subjects and career options through STEM courses.
  • Are prepared to create and use technology inside and outside of school.
  • Take STEM classes during Middle and High School.
  • May choose to pursue advanced degrees and careers in STEM fields.
  • Increase their STEM literacy while pursuing non-STEM-related careers or degrees.

NSD also works to diversify and increase the number of NSD teachers who are highly effective in providing STEM education. Besides including related projects and activities throughout its curricula, NSD offers 34 STEM-specific courses at Middle Schools and High Schools across the district.


What Are Some STEM Careers?

Biologist Environmental Scientist
Chemist Geologist
Astronomer Medical Doctor
Computer Scientist Dentist
Engineer Pharmacist
Mathematician Robotics Engineer
Physicist STEM teacher


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