Celebrating Native American Art in Kenmore

Native American art holds immense cultural significance and is an integral part of Indigenous American culture. Kenmore understands the importance of celebrating Native American art:

  1. Rich Cultural Heritage:
    • Native American art encompasses a wide range of artistic expressions, including beadwork, pottery, textiles, painting, sculpture, and more.
    • These art forms reflect the creativity, craftsmanship, and spiritual beliefs of Indigenous peoples across different tribes and regions.
  2. Preserving Traditions:
    • By celebrating Native American art, we honor the traditions and knowledge passed down through generations.
    • Art serves as a powerful means of preserving cultural heritage, ensuring that it remains alive and relevant.
  3. Storytelling and Symbolism:
    • Native American art often tells stories, conveys historical events, and represents spiritual connections.
    • Symbols, patterns, and motifs in art carry deep meanings related to nature, ancestry, and community.
  4. Resistance and Resilience:
    • Throughout history, Native American artists have used their creativity to resist colonization, oppression, and cultural erasure.
    • Art becomes a form of resilience, asserting Indigenous identity and challenging dominant narratives.
  5. Diverse Artistic Styles:
    • Each tribe has its unique artistic style, influenced by its environment, beliefs, and cultural practices.
    • From the intricate beadwork of the Plains tribes to the pottery of the Southwest, Native American art showcases this diversity.
  6. Contemporary Voices:
    • Contemporary Native American artists continue to create impactful works that address current issues.
    • These artists contribute to the ongoing legacy of Native American art.
  7. Museum Collections:

Celebrating Native American art not only acknowledges its historical significance but also supports the continuation of Indigenous traditions and fosters cultural understanding.

Huggz Moses’s artwork is featured as a vinyl wrap on three utility boxes at the Northeast corner of NE 181st Street and 61st Avenue NE. As her spiritual journey continues, inspiration for her art is often sparked by what is going on emotionally or what she feels will fill the blank wall in her life. At times, she tries to recreate her dreams.