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As children, we loved our new library and our remarkable librarian, Mrs. (Jean) Smith.  We never had a library in Kenmore, so this was something new and special in our lives.  On weekends, it was a popular destination…warm, cozy and kind Mrs. Smith always had a way of finding a book or two that would kindle our interests.   Because it was so close to Kenmore Elementary, our teachers would occasionally parade us to the library during the school week.  I didn’t know at the time that the local PTA  worked with the newly formed Kenmore Library Association to purchase a barn, with its two acres, for the library and collected money, donated materials, services and labor to make the project possible.  A second access road was built to access both the library and Kenmore Elementary.  During the same period, an arboretum was created so we had an outdoor classroom for the study of nature.  As children, all we needed was a bike, a horse or our own two legs to find our way to this new library. (A 12 year old Tom appears in the photo on the bicycle closest to the front of the picture)

Tom L. Carter, Ed.D. Kenmore, Washington

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